gpg problems

g geleem at
Sun Jul 26 21:49:57 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:

> You're right that those things do need to be checked, but kmail does not see
> the key at all.  Kgpg sees it, and it has been marked with the relevant trust
> level, so it should have been fine.  I'll experiment more in the morning.
> It's late now and I've been fighting this too long ;-)

much luck to you.

i do wish i cold be of more help, but i never got deep into kmail, other than
a few weeks of using back when we first meet, [and that has been a while] so i
do not recall much about it. plus, i did not use pgp then, so i am not aware of
it's operation or tie-in of kmail and keyring.

sometimes it is best to let things rest, especially the brain, when it has
been under a long strain.

pleasant dreams.


peace out.



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