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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Mon Jul 27 08:20:22 UTC 2009

On Sunday 26 July 2009 23:25:00 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Ah yes.  That rings a bell.  Why is it a separate plasmoid, I wonder?
> Because it is not officially part of KDE. And as they're using data sources
> without permission and as they're bypassing the weather framework inside
> Plasma (which is used by kde-plasma-weather, by the LCD Weather Station in
> kdeplasma-addons and probably soon other stuff too), it isn't likely to
> ever be.
That's a pity, because it really is so much better than the LCD weather 
plasmoid.  I do hope someone is talking to them about the problems instead of 
treating them like pariahs.

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