Firefox bookmarks

Petrus de Calguarium kwhiskerz at
Mon Jul 27 17:25:34 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:

> an on-line repository

I have never gotten any of those to decipher firefox' 
bookmarks. Yahoo's, par exemple, always crashes when trying 
to read and nothing is ever imported. Google's bookmarks 
appear to require entering bookmarks manually (predicated on 
the idea that we all install the google toolbar -- I never 
do! I don't care to have them monitor all my activities, as 
if they don't know enough already).

However, despite my initial horror at the change from 
firefox' old 'flat' html bookmark file, this new json method 
is veritably excellent, especially if you force yourself to 
do the task of tagging all the bookmarks. If you don't 
remember the website name, just type a tag into the location 
bar and firefox will present a list of possible sites from 
your bookmarks, from your history and from it's 'knowledge' 
of sites.

The drawback is that .json is not text-editable and relies on 
the bookmark tool program (which used to crash a lot in the 
early days of firefox 3).

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