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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Thu Jul 30 18:28:19 UTC 2009

On Thursday 30 July 2009 17:58:10 Ben Boeckel wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > For some time now if I nudge the mouse while I'm working I find
> myself typing
> > into the wrong window.  It's extremely annoying.  I don't want
> the focus to
> > change until I either click on a window or tab to it.  I can't
> find why this
> > is happening.  How can I turn it off?  Thanks
> >
> > Anne
> To really be able to use this, there needs to be a distinctive
> difference in how windows appear based on focus. To do that, I set
> inactive windows at 75% opacity (so they can still be read). Makes
> it a lot easier to tell what's getting input and what isn't.
> Oxygen isn't all that nice about it otherwise (just fading the
> titletext and slight color differences).
Yes, I know how to make other windows dim, but I'm a touch typist, so I often 
type away while my eyes are elsewhere, so that's no help.  It's like finding 
that the base of the thumb is brushing your touchpad while you type,  
Extremely annoying.

I need to find what's making it do this.  It's certainly not obvious.

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