hp-setup doesn't run

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 31 06:32:07 UTC 2009

On Thursday 30 July 2009 23:04:47 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > If you try to run hp-setup as user it tells you that it *must* be run as
> > root. This is a one-time run.
> Fun, run e.g. hp-toolbox as root and it will tell you you must not run it
> as root (well, first it tells you you should not, then it errors because of
> another root check somewhere else). hp-setup on the other hand won't even
> run as a regular user (I think years will pass until HP gets wind about
> things like PolicyKit). 

Those decisions are sensible.  You want setup to be system-wide.  Toolbox is 
user-level.  Fair enough.

> But at least HP is releasing their source code
> under a Free Software license unlike most other manufacturers… Still, the
> hp-setup tool is entirely useless as all its functionality is already
> provided by our own tools (system-config-printer resp.
> system-config-printer-kde). hp- toolbox (and hp-systray which it starts
> too), while providing some unique and very much necessary functionality
> (ink cartridge maintenance – IIRC, some time ago there was some movement to
> provide a unified interface for that in CUPS to avoid all the
> manufacturer-specific tools (there are similar tools for printers from some
> other manufacturers, though usually community- written unlike hp-toolbox),
> I hope that common interface will get completed and implemented in the UIs
> at some point) also duplicates some functionality of other tools already
> provided in Fedora and other distributions.
Sorry Kevin, but your are being blinkered.  S-c-p has its place, but it is not 
as good as hplip for these devices.  You use what you like and leave us to use 
what we like.

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