FESCo Elections: Vote for KDE SIG - vote for me!

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sat Jun 6 16:26:34 UTC 2009


first of all, my apologies to the fellow EU citizens who must be sick and
tired of electoral campaigning by now. ;-)

Do you want the KDE SIG to be represented in FESCo? Do you want KDE to get 
treated as a first-class citizen in Fedora? Do you want to stop the
misleading abuse of the word "desktop" to mean "GNOME"? Are you fed up of
proposed censorship of things like country flags which destroys our right
to free speech and hurts KDE? Or maybe you are unhappy with the current
FESCo and want to give a chance to a new face? If so, vote for "Kevin
Kofler (Kevin_Kofler)" at the FESCo elections, starting tonight at midnight
UTC. My answers to the election questionnaire can be found here:

A reminder: to vote for a candidate, you must give that candidate a HIGH
score. In other words, if you want me to get elected, make sure you give me
a score of 11 (which will be the highest possible score, given that there
are 11 candidates). You are not required to rank all the candidates, you
can give any arbitrary scores. (Giving 0 points to all the other candidates
maximizes the chances of your favorite candidate getting elected.) See the
official Fedora Election Guide at http://nigelj.fedorapeople.org/feg/ for
more information.

To be eligible for voting for FESCo, you must:
* be registered in FAS,
* have completed your CLA and
* be a member of at least one other (non-CLA) FAS group (e.g. any of:
packager, ambassadors, docs, art etc.).

Your friendly FESCo candidate,
        Kevin Kofler

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