Amarok update path on kde-redhat

Mary Ellen Foster mef at
Wed May 13 09:32:06 UTC 2009

I'm running Fedora 11 (preview/rawhide/whatever) on x86_64, with all
kde-redhat repositories enabled -- including the i386 ones because of
multilib issues. I've done all of the other (non-amarok) updates
today, and amarok is still being annoying ...

Right now, I get the following if I attempt to "yum update" (edited to
show the relevant bits):

 Package              Arch     Version              Repository             Size
 amarok-utils         i586     2.0.96-1.fc11        kde-i386-unstable     148 k
     replacing  amarok-utilities.x86_64 2.0.90-2.fc11

Installing for dependencies:
 [ ... ]
 amarok-utilities     i586     2.0.90-2.fc11        kde-i386-unstable     142 k
 [ ... ]

If I disable the i386 repositories, I don't see any proposed updates,
even after a "yum clean all".

Is this a mirror issue? A multilib issue? What's the deal with

Thanks for any help,


Mary Ellen Foster  --
ICCS, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

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