Amarok update path on kde-redhat

Mary Ellen Foster mefoster at
Wed May 13 11:53:14 UTC 2009

2009/5/13 Eelko Berkenpies <fedora at>:
> amarok-utl[itie]s hold the collection scanner since it got separated in
> Amarok 2.1. Furthermore I don't know what kind of strangeness is going on
> for you and why an older version of utils is being pulled in for
> dependencies.
> I can only say that amarok-2.0.90 is Amarok 2.1 beta 1 and amarok-2.0.96 is
> Amarok 2.1 beta 2 but you probably figured that out already. :)

Well, on looking closer at the actual update transaction, it seems
that there's no amarok-2.0.96 in the kde-unstable x86_64 repository,
but there is one in kde-unstable i586. So that's what's causing the
weird update transaction. I'll temporarily blame this on mirror issues
and hope that it fixes itself soon ...

... and one "yum clean metadata" later, it looks like the 64-bit
Amarok is indeed now there. Sorry for the noise.


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