Copying... stack is annoying.

Linuxguy123 linuxguy123 at
Wed May 13 15:47:56 UTC 2009

I am running F10 KDE stable. 

My desktop is set up with a panel along the top of the monitor
(1650x1080) that has the task manager and desktop switcher on it and a
second panel centered along the bottom that has various application
icons and the system tray in it.  Overall, I really like this layout.
Kudos to the KDE team for a great desktop manager.

However, my setup has an annoying aspect to it: when copying multiple
links simulaneously, the Copying... windows stack up over Konqueror such
that you can't access it until they decide to recede.

I am trying to decide if this behavior is because of something that I
have set or if its inherent in KDE and I should write a change request
for it. 

Example: open Konqueror and browse to . Click on the
RCSD Archive link.   You will be presented with a page of links to
download the magazine PDFs.  

Now lets say that you would like to download a years worth of magazine
for browsing offline.  To download a single issue, I place the cursor
over a link and right click "Save Link As..." and then select the save
location.  When I do this, a Copying... window appears from the system

This is all fine and well until I rapidly select a bunch of links.
Every time I copy another link, another Copying window stacks itself on
top of the preceding window stack until the application under the center
of my display is obscured behind the stack.  The Copying window stack
does disappear after a bit, but there doesn't seem to be a way to make
it disappear under my control.

All in all, I find this behavior annoying. Is there a way to change it
with different settings ?

Thanks for listening.   

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