Dolphin "cd"s in konsole history are annoying. Split consoles for split views ?

Linuxguy123 linuxguy123 at
Wed May 13 16:00:59 UTC 2009

I love the way that Dolphin can now be set up so that it has a console
at the bottom that follows the directories as you browse.  I often
browse somewhere and then do command line commands and then do something
with a GUI and then... back and forth.  Its an excellent way to work.
Whoever thought of tying Dophin and a console together deserves a medal.

However, I find one part of it to be annoying... whenever you change a
directory in Dolphin, it records a cd command in the console history.

I really like how the console tracks the directory changes that occur in
Dolphin.  It saves me a lot of time, not having to issue cds in the
console to keep it in the directory that I am looking at in Dolphin.

However, it might be me, but I don't want to see the Dolphin cds in the
console history.  The only commands that I want to see in the console
history are the ones that I enter myself manually.  If I want to note
what directory I am working in in the console history, I'll issue a pwd

I think it would be really nice if there was a turn off the logging of
Dolphin cds in the console history.  Is there a way to do this ?

Another issue is how there is only one console tied to the Dolphin app
and yet Dolphin can have a split screen with 2 different directory
views. Unfortunately, every time you jump between views another cd gets
issued in the console.  

It would be nice if a split view Dolphin session had 2 consoles.  It
would be really nice if those sessions shared the same history so that
if you typed a command in one, you could just put the cursor in the
other console, go into the history and repeat the same command in the
other console.

I love open source and Fedora and KDE.

Thanks for listening.  

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