processes running in wrong directory...

charles zeitler cfzeitler at
Thu May 14 05:56:48 UTC 2009

i have :

                     fedora    ..c.. klauncher
                     fedora    ..c.. kded4
                     fedora    ..c.. gam_server
                     fedora    ..c.. knotify4
                     fedora    ..c.. nepomukserver
                     fedora    ..c.. plasma
                     fedora    ..c.. kio_file
                     fedora    ..c.. kaccess
                     fedora    ..c.. krunner
                     fedora    ..c.. nm-applet
                     fedora    ..c.. imsettings-appl
                     fedora    ..c.. kerneloops-appl
                     fedora    ..c.. python
                     fedora    ..c.. klipper
                     fedora    ..c.. knetworkmanager

running in :
/dev/mapper/vg_gamma-lv_docs ( ~/Documents )

could this explain lockups in the taskbar/ missing taskbar ( intermittent )

could this be responsible for filesystem errors in
/dev/mapper/vg_gamma-lv_docs ?

and could kernel disabling of irq 18 be related ?
  ( RAID bus controller, Multimedia audio controller )

any elucidations and/or advice to correct this much appreciated.

charles zeitler

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