amarok-2.1 post-beta2 in kde-redhat/testing

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Mon May 18 18:08:41 UTC 2009

Since amarok-2.0.x has issues with qt-4.5.1, and 2.1 final will be 
landing soon, I got amarok upstream blessing for us to pursue and test 
some amarok-2.1 builds for updates(testing) purposes.

So, these will be landing in kde-redhat/testing asap, and in fedora 
updates-testing over the next week or so.

caveat: F-10 builds are currently lacking libgpod support, I've been in 
contact with libgpod maintainer, and the required libgpod-0.7.0 will be 
coming soon to F-10.  This is a blocker for amarok-2.1 to land in F-10 
stable updates.

-- Rex

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