KMess rpm?

Florian Sievert floriansievert at
Wed May 27 10:15:06 UTC 2009

> This repository is targeting Fedora 9 kde users
This statement is not up to date.
> Is there a reason, why you're not maintaining the packages inside of
> the fedora cvs? 
Simply time. During the last year I had a lot work to do (thesis etc.)
and it is much easier for me to create packages without having review
them or going to the meetings. Using fedora cvs is causing quite lot to
read and causes quite some work on organisation. Time I didn't had
during the last year. Additionally most of the packages was cutting edge
and not suitable for common use. Some packages was already used to make
them "official" and if there is someone willed to take over a package
into the official onces, I will stop support for them at once. I am
currently moving into a new job and I am not sure how much spare time
this will offer. If I have some, I'll might come to the meetings and
help on make some packages avaible for the official ones. However, the
repository is currently just for testing purposes, friends or interested
fedora followers.

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