KMess rpm?

Diego panda84 at
Wed May 27 12:32:49 UTC 2009

Eelko wrote:
> I quote;
> URL:

I know, but it would be really nice to have KMess's rpm in Fedora's 
repositories. I don't think that an rpm built that way could get into 
the repositories because the resulting .spec would be too vague, am I right?

Florian wrote:
> I put a i586 version for f11 in my repository. Please note this is the
> new version based on qt4.

Thanks! I'll test it asap!
By the way I already have a bugfix for you:
> The strength of KMess
> is it's integration with the KDE desktop environment,
> ocus on MSN Messenger specific features and an easy-to-use
> interface.

I think you meant "focus" instead of "ocus"...


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