kde-4.2.85 landing in kde-redhat/unstable

Ben Boeckel MathStuf at gmail.com
Thu May 28 01:58:30 UTC 2009

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Colin J Thomson - G6AVK wrote:

> Hi,
> Installation went fine as always :-)
> Only one problem so far is Gwenview now crashes #190478.
> Minor problem is shading, when double clicking the Titlebar 
the window does
> not hide unless I grab the titlebar and move it.
> These worked fine in 4.2.3 I'll do some more tests and 
research on kde.bugs
> in the week.
> Thanks to all involved.
> Colin

I'm attaching the list of bugs I've encountered so far. Just 
pop into the IRC channel (I'm MathStuf) and let me know if 
there's bugs to watch or commits to pick if they don't show up 
in the next beta. I'll be doing bugzilla searches and reporting 

I hit the gwenview bug today. Bug #191771 is the one that seems 
to be the main one and it's marked as fixed with r966948. I can 
backport it or we can wait a bit and see if any other bugs get 
fixed soonish (in a week?) and I can rebuild the affected 

The shading issue is also seen here. The border disappears and 
the area the window was isn't updated right? And the titlebar 
leaves trails when moved up (but cleans up after itself when 
moving in the other 3 directions). Desktop effects? If so, 
driver, XRender or OpenGL, and what effects are enabled?

- --Ben
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