KMess rpm?

Diego panda84 at
Thu May 28 06:25:51 UTC 2009

> In fact in the thread you give, the developer is saying
> that this is a build requirement, not a runtime requirement.

Yes, but a beta tester also says that:
"runtime dependencies: KDE 4 libs (kdelibs5), QCA2 and the openssl 
plugin (libqca2?, libqca2-ossl?), libXScrnSaver (libxss?), the Oxygen 
icon theme."

> Did I get
> your correct, that it works, if you install "qca-ossl"?

Yes, just after installing qca-ossl authentication starts to work right.

> In fact I would
> expect the package called "qca2-ossl", but ...

I agree... strange numbering. Maybe because qca and qca2 are both in use 
by different programs while only qca-ossl 2 is in use? It bumped 
directly from 0.1 to 2.0 beta...

Thanks again,

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