KMess rpm?

Florian Sievert floriansievert at
Thu May 28 09:53:57 UTC 2009

Hi Jaroslav,
> Seems from comments that there is quite big demand for KMess in Fedora 
> repository, I can import your package to Fedora (review process, maintaining) 
Okay, I made up my mind. In fact the thesis is nearly finished and the
last time we mailed, I wrote, that I would try to join KDE SIG, if I
have some spare time. So give me a chance to test how much bureaucracy
this means for me ;) If you willed to give me a hand I would make the
packages of my repository (that I would claim "stable") contribute to
the official ones and maintain them. Might be a good chance to get
involved finally... even if I have more and more issues with the latest
fedora politics ;)
> but I need either some help from real MSN/KMess users as I'm using mostly 
> Jabber/ICQ and Kopete.
However, this would also count for me. I know a real live person using
MSN, however I am not really using it. But Diego will be crying loud if
something wents terrible wrong... I hope ;)

Best regards,

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