Intermittent audio errors at login

Mary Ellen Foster mefoster at
Thu May 28 15:10:12 UTC 2009

2009/5/28 José Matos <jamatos at>:
> I get this rarely when entering kde but the display is not frozen and if I
> ignore it it will continue with no problems.

What I mean by "freezes" -- if I try to start any applications from
the menu or the panel, they don't come up until after the "Removed
sound devices" window, and if I'm using wireless the KDE weather
plasmoid doesn't show any content until the window comes up either.
It's not frozen precisely, but it's not really possible to do anything
useful until the sound-device window comes up.

I'll try "forget permanently" next time it happens and see if that
makes it go away. I suppose this should go in bugzilla somewhere ...


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