Help with akonadi

José Matos jamatos at
Thu May 28 19:27:05 UTC 2009

I have updated to 4.3 beta 1 and as a general rules it works quite well. There 
are not many visual differences compared with 4.2.3 and the general feeling is 
of it to be a bit more polished in every sense. It is really shaping well. :-)

The only more serious problem I had is with akonadi. I don't see the same 
resources I had before. In this specific case my problem is with an ical 
resource where I have my todos. I have an older copy but it seems that some of 
the changes have been made to a different place (I suspect the mysql database) 
but I am not sure how and where to find the missing bits.

In this case I though I had all the backups but it seems I was wrong. :-(

Is there are place where I can find this information?

I tried but the information about akonadi is sparse and the 
rpms don't seem to have any documentation files.

José Abílio

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