Has Anybody Seen Bug Fixes for Anything?

Ben Boeckel MathStuf at gmail.com
Sat May 30 19:42:10 UTC 2009

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Eli Wapniarski wrote:

> Hi All
> Just installed the Beta from unstable. Seriously... has 
anybody actually seen bug fixes? Or are
> the KDE developers simply adding features that add more bugs?
> Eli

I'm tracking quite a few bugs now. Some are closed as fixed, 
others are still there. It is a beta, and the major ones I've 
seen have been addressed (Gwenview just not working at all).

If the next beta doesn't address the major bugs, poking 
upstream (harder) may be necessary. As well as getting our 
hands dirty to fix them and push them upstream if they're still 
not addressed. Unfortunately, time always seems to be an issue, 
both on our side of things as well as upstream's.

One thing that is sort of a bittersweet victory in 4.3 is the 
automatic bug filing tool. Makes it easy to file, but creates 
lots of duplicates and people still submit incomplete 
backtraces. IMHO, it should only offer to submit if the 
backtrace has 3 hearts (maybe 2, I've not seen how useful a 2 
heart one yet) and it doesn't already exist (searching for 
existing backtraces is in anaconda's reporter, maybe some work 
could be done to get this into KDE's as well?). Some of these 
bugs have a LONG list of duplicates being filed. At least 50 in 
the Gwenview crash one. This wastes time, but it is better than 
having no bugs filed.

- --Ben
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