Has Anybody Seen Bug Fixes for Anything?

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Sun May 31 06:31:35 UTC 2009

On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 12:48 AM, Eli Wapniarski
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> People use browsers, word processors, games, email client, im clients etc. The first app that gets opened makes the desktop disappear. If the apps don't work what good is the desktop other than to look pretty but dumb. I do not need my desktop or apps to be a huge blonde moment (male or female take your pick). I need to get the things done. If kde developers want to jerk around they're bored and get things half finished and then say brand new here it is. This whole process has been one the least professional processes I have been through in computing in a very long time. (Fedora / KDE people notwithstanding in this tirade they as usual do a superb job) then ignore their user base, well then there will be defection.  Which by the way I am seriously considering and trust me when I say this is painful for me since I have been a loyal and passionate kde user for years as Rex can attest. But enough is enough. If I wanted to install super karamba I would have installed super karamb
>  a. Now KDE has pushed it down my throat in the form of plasmoids the very least they could do is have the thing work the way it should.
> 4.3 is a personal milestone for me. After a tirade like this one, to be fair I will wait till 4.4 and leave without a whisper (I'm sure some are saying yea!!! :)  ) . KDE either works the way it should or I will have to go elsewhere.
> Thanks for Listening :)
> Eli

Re desktop apps

A significant number of KDE users don't seem to like Konqueror as is.
Very very few web designers seem to be testing again KHTML. So I
believe Konqueror + KHMTL is going to be harmful to KDE for quite some

Fedora 10

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