Has Anybody Seen Bug Fixes for Anything?

Ben Boeckel MathStuf at gmail.com
Sun May 31 06:57:58 UTC 2009

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Eli Wapniarski wrote:

> On Saturday 30 May 2009 23:21:36 Anne Wilson wrote:
>> On Saturday 30 May 2009 18:03:19 Eli Wapniarski wrote:
>> > Hi All
>> >
>> > Just installed the Beta from unstable. Seriously... has 
anybody actually
>> > seen bug fixes? Or are the KDE developers simply adding 
features that add
>> > more bugs?
>> >
>> Dozens of them.  Anything particular in mind?
> Here:
> These are the ones I've checked at first glance. Almost all 
of them Konqueror related, And none
> of the Konqueror bugs have been addressed. Leave a this for 
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=157454
Seems fine to me in 4.3b1. Seems slow to load, but once done, I 
don't see any performance issues. The toolbar has a little 
delay before seeing the hand cursor, but clicking still works 
as expected despite the cursor not changing.

> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=172534
Something like this isn't going to please everybody in every 
situation. Personally, I find the issue in that background/font 
color are separate choices in CSS. They should be required 
together or not at all.

This is almost always the kicker for me going back to Oxygen 
colors after using Obsidian Coast for a while. Firefox has just 
as bad a time with it as Konqueror in my experience.

> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=106367
Cannot confirm in 4.3b1.

> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=157481
Flash-related, nothing we in Fedora can do.

> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=157483
Confirmed in 4.3b1 as well. By watching what happens in 
Firefox, it instead enforces the requested table size, loads 
the text then starts the scrolling. This causes text to be 
written on top of other text before the page is completely 
loaded. Konqueror uses the height of the marquee for the 
marquee, but for layout, there is no size specified. 
Personally, I think the site is relying on other browser 
bugs/quirks. Looking at the source and references, the height 
attribute isn't necessary (looking at wiki's list of attributes 
for it; hell, marquee isn't even standard), so Konqueror would 
just be playing puppet to other browsers. There is no standard 
dictating how those should be handled.

> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=167825
Not something I get to test/use all that often (read: maybe 
once or twice in a few years), but I can see why it's 

> The last on complains about the lack of capability to stretch 
panels across 2 monitors. And this
> lack, in my desktop environment, represents a real useabiltiy 
bug. Serious enough for me to move
> to xfce which does this flawlessly.
KDE Brainstorm may be a place for this.

> As for konqueror vs firefox. Look firefox is not a kde app. 
Its mime types automatically link to
> gtk apps. Currently and more and more tentatively I use kde. 
I do not want to use gtk apps to
> read pdf or view multimedia or evolution and I do not want to 
have to manually reconfigure the
> gazillion or so mime types to open kde apps. If I want to use 
gtk apps I would use a gtk based
> windows manager. I use kde and a core application is very 
badly broken.
I understand; Firefox is a Windows app ported to Linux making 
it play its own game (I touched on this in my latest rant in my 

> Look I need to say this; plasmoids are a very very nice idea. 
They look great and make the
> desktop look cool. The things is the desktop is next to 
useless. It gets covered up as soon as
> you use your computer to do anything at all. Unless of course 
the way you use your computer is to
> simply stare at your cool desktop. Heck I even have a package 
out there of a plasmoid. But being
> the end all and be all of windows management is a colossal 
mistake. Panels are the only app that
> makes the desktop constantly useful. Applets (ok plasmoids 
now) on panels when designed correctly
> places functionality, accessibility and information 
immediately available with a single click or
> quick glance regardless of what else is going on (except for 
full screen games :) ).
So don't place plasmoids on the desktop. My desktop is 
currently...just a wallpaper. I have too many windows open all 
the time to deal with moving them around. I have quite a few 
locked in position/size/desktop and the mask has no hole in it, 
so no position is always safe here. Ctrl-F12 is there to expose 
the plasmoids. I just tested and if you're dragging something, 
it isn't lost.

> People use browsers, word processors, games, email client, im 
clients etc. The first app that
> gets opened makes the desktop disappear.
This was a major problem with the old desktop. It was almost 
always covered (at least here), so it was of limited use.

> If the apps don't work what good is the desktop other
> than to look pretty but dumb. I do not need my desktop or 
apps to be a huge blonde moment (male
> or female take your pick). I need to get the things done. If 
kde developers want to jerk around
> they're bored and get things half finished and then say brand 
new here it is. This whole process
> has been one the least professional processes I have been 
through in computing in a very long
> time. (Fedora / KDE people notwithstanding in this tirade 
they as usual do a superb job) then
> ignore their user base, well then there will be defection.  
Which by the way I am seriously
> considering and trust me when I say this i
>  s painful for me since I have been a loyal and passionate 
kde user for years as Rex can attest.
>  But enough is enough. If I wanted to install super karamba I 
would have installed super karamb
>  a. Now KDE has pushed it down my throat in the form of 
plasmoids the very least they could do is
>  have the thing work the way it should.
You don't need to have plasmoids everywhere. I don't. Current 
list of active plasmoids:

    Task Manager
    System Tray
    Device Notifier
    Battery Monitor (laptop only)
    Digital Clock

Nothing that the old panel didn't have that is clutter. Having 
thing replaceable is great. Now people can get Windows 7-like 
taskbars without it being forced down everyone's throats 
(stasks isn't for me). New ways of doing things don't need 
reworking low-level code. I don't see what isn't working with 
them (the dual monitor thing I can see, but I couldn't get it 
to work with Kicker back in KDE3 days either).

> 4.3 is a personal milestone for me. After a tirade like this 
one, to be fair I will wait till 4.4
> and leave without a whisper (I'm sure some are saying yea!!! 
:)  ) . KDE either works the way it
> should or I will have to go elsewhere.
Everyone has their limits and you can't please everyone all the 

> Thanks for Listening :)
I don't use tts. Reading was fun. :O)

> Eli

- --Ben

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