Has Anybody Seen Bug Fixes for Anything?

Eli Wapniarski eli at orbsky.homelinux.org
Sun May 31 13:33:10 UTC 2009

On Sunday 31 May 2009 12:45:35 Anne Wilson wrote:
> > People use browsers, word processors, games, email client, im clients etc.
> > The first app that gets opened makes the desktop disappear. If the apps
> > don't work what good is the desktop other than to look pretty but dumb. I
> > do not need my desktop or apps to be a huge blonde moment (male or female
> > take your pick). I need to get the things done. If kde developers want to
> > jerk around they're bored and get things half finished and then say brand
> > new here it is. This whole process has been one the least professional
> > processes I have been through in computing in a very long time. (Fedora /
> > KDE people notwithstanding in this tirade they as usual do a superb job)
> > then ignore their user base, well then there will be defection.  Which by
> > the way I am seriously considering and trust me when I say this is painful
> > for me since I have been a loyal and passionate kde user for years as Rex
> > can attest. But enough is enough. If I wanted to install super karamba I
> > would have installed super karamb a. Now KDE has pushed it down my throat
> > in the form of plasmoids the very least they could do is have the thing
> > work the way it should.
> >
> It is noticeable that the list of bugs you quote were all filed by you, and in 
> most cases, in fact all but the last one, get little or no support from 
> anyone else.  Your comments here are rude.  Developers have limited time and 
> will always give their attention to the bug reports that seem to affect most 
> people.  I find your self-admitted tirade unreasonable.

Excuse me Anne, however. They are not rude, they are legit criticism and fair.

Software released to the general public should not be a step backward. Eye Candy as pretty as it is in KDE4 but doesn't add anything to the computing environment other than look pretty and not do anything; absorbing developers attention to the exclusion of everything else is a waste of time and resources. Mine and the developers. If the developers are developing only for themselves tell us so. I do not need to be the victim of naval gazing developers with egos the size of planets. Those that release software to the general public with the purpose of being used should expect criticism when things are un-useable. Or its design makes things more difficult to use.

You are absolutely free not to attribute any relevance to my comments. I am absoutely free to consider KDE as being irrelevant (which I don't). My passion and admiration for KDE, for Linux and the Fedora team packaging KDE can not be questioned here. The fact that I take the time to monitor, assist when I have the time and use and criticize where warranted attests to that.

I never have nor will I ever simply accept things.  I have never let things slide. If I can do something I will, if nothing more than to say that something is not right. At least I've said it. If ignored, well 2 can play at the game. I am not suggesting that anyone is ignoring me.

And if I point out problems with specific things that no one else uses, it doesn't mean that the problem does not affect a wider community as the web uses common elements that can be found throughout the Internet. Most of the pointing to specific instances indicates general problems. Scripting is the biggest of the issues when it comes to Konqueror and you see the problem time after time after time, Site after site after site. Forcing me to use Firefox, is an insistence, due to convenience, to use gtk apps. Sorry, I don't want to use gnome. I use KDE. I love KDE and want it to be the very best in its class bar none. I expect excellence from the KDE team because that is what I have seen in the past. Pushing that is not rude. Expecting it is what keeps me using KDE. Long live KDE.

Things need to work. 


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