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Farkas Levente lfarkas at
Tue Dec 2 12:47:04 UTC 2008

i'm just look into the openssl spec file. imho this is one of the most
complicated mingw32 spec file. is this really that bad or it was just
written too long ago?

a few comments:

do we build and run the tests or not? it seems to me not, but the BR
wine is still there. ie not %if %{with_tests}

is there any reason for this line?:
%{SOURCE1} > /dev/null

neither mingw32-openssl-0.9.8g-configure.patch nor the inline gcc script
has the -mms-bitfields set. anyway it'd be better to everywhere use the
%_mingw32_cflags macro and not the hard coded ones. anyway is it a good
trick to use the inline gcc script?

wouldn't be better to use everywhere the %_mingw32_make macro (but i
don't see whether is has any effect?

this comment in the sepc:
 "Disable this thread test, because we don't have pthread on Windows"
still valid when we have mingw32-pthreads?

unfortunately it's makefiles and configure scripts are very hard coded
so we can't easily fix ar, ranlib etc. just patch the makefiles:-(
imho the best way in this case to run a successful build and look trough
the buildlog to find where and which commands are used.

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