man directory change (and other macro rewrites)

Farkas Levente lfarkas at
Mon Nov 10 18:03:27 UTC 2008

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 06:24:44PM +0100, Farkas Levente wrote:
>> this's because on fedora man pages in /usr/share/man while on
>> rhel/centos (and older fedora releases) it was under /usr/man.
> Hmm, that sucks ...
>> of course since we delete all man and info pages i can simple delete
>> these directories too. but the question why this happened? because it's
>> hardcoded into mingw32-filesystem's /etc/rpm/macros.mingw32.
>> wouldn't be these macros:
> Probably the right thing to do is to pass the man directory explicitly
> in configure, ie something like:
>   %{_mingw32_configure} --mandir=%{_mingw32_mandir}
> (or change the actual _mingw32_configure macro to do this
> automatically, which is analogous to what the base RPM _configure
> macro does).
> In this case it doesn't really matter that much.  Just add an extra
> line into the specfile to nuke the other copy of the manpages ...
> Note that we don't really need to keep the same specfile in Fedora and
> EPEL.  It's quite alright if they diverge from each other -- in fact
> that's expected from the way that Fedora CVS works.
> Rich.

but why not just simple change the paths in the /etc/rpm/macros.mingw32 from
%_mingw32_mandir          %{_mingw32_prefix}/share/man
%_mingw32_mandir          %{_mingw32_prefix}%{_mandir}
and all other macros of course?
it'll work on both fedora and rhel/centos. what's more these hardcoded
paths have other problems too. suppose later would like to create
mingw64 and of course info is also bad. what's if happened with sbin:

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