strange mingw32-runtime-3.15.1-1 build error (imho it's a bug)

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at
Wed Nov 19 19:50:12 UTC 2008

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 08:38:05PM +0100, Farkas Levente wrote:
> Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> > On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 12:45:40AM +0100, Farkas Levente wrote:
> >> i686-pc-mingw32-gcc -c  -I/usr/i686-pc-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include
> >> -Wall -fomit-frame-pointer -I. -I./.. -I./../include -nostdinc
> >> -iwithprefixbefore include -I ./../../w32api/include  usleep.c -o usleep.o
> >> usleep.c:32: error: redefinition of typedef 'useconds_t'
> >> /usr/i686-pc-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include/sys/types.h:119: error:
> >> previous declaration of 'useconds_t' was here
> > 
> > Now I see this problem ... on Fedora 10 when building against runtime 3.15.
> > 
> > I've removed my patch and it builds.
> did you made a new/updated bootstrap packages? if not it's on my todo
> list...

I didn't, but it doesn't really matter now because we can just use the
mingw32-w32api/mingw32-runtime binaries, and if rel-eng won't do those
then we can update the bootstrap packages down the road when we are
adding them to Fedora.


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