package request: mingw32-libgsf

Eric Smith eric at
Fri Nov 21 23:52:10 UTC 2008

My application uses libgsf to read ZIP files, and in the past I've built 
it against a Windows binary package provided on  It would be 
nice to have a mingw32-libgsf RPM, now that all the other libraries I 
use are available in other mingw32- RPMs.

I've started trying to construct a suitable spec file and build it 
myself, starting from the Fedora development libgsf SRPM, but it has 
quickly become apparent that I don't really know what I'm doing.  I'll 
continue to flail away at it, but if anyone who actually has experience 
with packaging libraries for mingw32 were to beat me to the punch, I 
wouldn't be the least bit offended.  :-)

In fact, I'm willing to offer a $100 bounty for a working RPM (with 
SRPM).  It's not a lot, but it would buy a few pizzas and beers.  :-)


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