Policy on naming of implibs

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Sat Nov 22 17:51:38 UTC 2008

I think we need a policy of naming implibs.

For example, the standard build of bzip2 builds a DLL and implib
called 'bz2-1.dll' and 'bz2.dll.a' respectively.  That's not in itself
a problem because you can link with such a library by hand using:

  gcc foo.c -lbz2

GCC apparently checks for both 'bz2.dll.a' and 'libbz2.dll.a', so it
works in this situation.

However libtool won't look for 'bz2.dll.a' at all, only an implib
beginning with 'lib*'.  If you try to specify the library by giving
the full path to libtool, then libtool assumes it's a static library.

The only way around this was to rename 'bz2.dll.a' -> 'libbz2.dll.a'
which fixes my libtool problem.  (Leaving the DLL with the same name
was fine).


So I think we need a policy that implibs need to be named after the
pattern 'lib*.dll.a'.

By my reckoning this problem affects:

  mingw32-bzip2 (fixed by the changeset above)


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