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Farkas Levente lfarkas at
Fri Nov 28 14:48:23 UTC 2008

it seems i'm getting closer to be able to compile gtk+ for mingw32.
unfortunately i spend way too much time with glib1 and gtk-1.2.x, but
from this page it's turn out it was just waste of time:-(
"The GTK+ API was still mostly like GTK+ 1.2.7, which is what was
current when this branch was created. Unfortunately, very few of the
platform-independent fixes (in the gtk widgets) that went into GTK+ 1.2
since 1.2.7 are present. Unlike GTK+ 1.2 on Unix, GTK+ 1.3.0 on Windows
is built to use GLib 2.x. There is no binary distribution of any GLib
1.2 for Windows."
so i try to compile this version (and not the one in fedora).
my question should i put into my own repo or add to your hg repo or just
create a new review request?
and the same question apply to the next weeks brunch of gstreamer
packages (and it's dependencies) too?

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