New packages

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at
Mon Feb 9 11:04:44 UTC 2009

Just a note to say thank you to Erik van Pienbroek, Levente Farkas,
and Michel Alexandre Salim (x2).  We now have these packages approved
and/or in Fedora:

  mingw32-atk (accessibility library, dependency of Gtk+)
  mingw32-libgcrypt (encryption library, dependency of gnutls)
  mingw32-openssl (encryption library)
  mingw32-gtk-vnc (Gtk VNC widget)

The updated status page is here:

We've only got 10 packages remaining to hit the Fedora 11 feature
deadline on 14th April.  They are:

  mingw32-nsiswrapper (

  mingw32-jasper (

  mingw32-fontconfig (

  mingw32-gnutls (

  mingw32-libvirt (

  mingw32-pango (

  mingw32-postgresql (

  mingw32-gtk2 (
    - BZ assigned to Michel.

  mingw32-nsis (
    - Waiting for me to look at Levente's updated package.

  mingw32-portablexdr (
    - Waiting for me to do some more upstream work.


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