anybody can help in this?

Farkas Levente lfarkas at
Fri Feb 13 09:54:47 UTC 2009

i try to test my new mingw32-nsis-2.42-1 and it's always fail on x86_64.
here is a build log for f-10:
but i do not understand it. it's execute:
/usr/bin/yum --installroot
/var/lib/mock/dist-f10-build-348185-64678/root/  resolvedep
'mingw32-gcc-c++' 'mingw32-gcc' 'python' '/usr/lib/'
'mingw32-binutils' 'scons' '/usr/include/gnu/stubs-32.h'
'mingw32-filesystem >= 40'
and gives: "No Package Found for /usr/lib/"
but if on my f10.x86_64 i run :
# yum resolvedep /usr/lib/
Loaded plugins: downloadonly, priorities, refresh-packagekit
Excluding Packages in global exclude list
246 packages excluded due to repository priority protections
Importing additional filelist information
so why mock can't find wxGTK-devel.i386?
is it a mock or koji bug? or?

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