[PATCH] Add _mingw32_description macro

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Sun Feb 15 10:10:38 UTC 2009

It would be nice if all %description sections could contain the same
explanatory text.  Also we could update this text later when we add
more cross-compile targets.  Proposed patch attached.

All %description sections in packages would need to be updated to use
this macro separately.


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Index: mingw32-macros.mingw32
RCS file: /cvs/pkgs/rpms/mingw32-filesystem/devel/mingw32-macros.mingw32,v
retrieving revision 1.9
diff -u -r1.9 mingw32-macros.mingw32
--- mingw32-macros.mingw32	1 Feb 2009 23:15:40 -0000	1.9
+++ mingw32-macros.mingw32	15 Feb 2009 10:06:52 -0000
@@ -131,3 +131,6 @@
 	infodir=%{?buildroot:%{buildroot}}%{_mingw32_infodir} \\\
+%_mingw32_description This is the cross-compiled version of this library / tool.\
+You should only install this package if you want to cross-compile programs for \
+Win32 (32 bit Windows).

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