static libraries

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Fri Feb 20 15:30:02 UTC 2009

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Subject: static libraries
From: Alexey Pushkin <alexey.pushkin at>
To: fedora-mingw at
Date: 02/20/2009 09:13 AM

> Static linking makes a lot of sense with mingw.

Yes, but it should be optional. You should fix your Makefiles to pull 
the *.dll files you need from the mingw package and ship them if you are 
sure your target users don't have them. At least that's what I'm doing.

> BTW: Although static linking is rarely used in Linux,
> all *-devel Linux packages still have static versions of libraries...

Not all... Fedora has been aggressively moving away from static 
libraries and have even stopped shipping *.a files in *-devel packages. 
krb5-devel for example.

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