static libraries

Alexey Pushkin alexey.pushkin at
Fri Feb 20 15:37:44 UTC 2009

Michael Cronenworth wrote:
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> Subject: static libraries
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> Date: 02/20/2009 09:13 AM
>> Static linking makes a lot of sense with mingw.
> Yes, but it should be optional. 

Surely it should be optional, but now this option simply doesn't exist :-(

> You should fix your Makefiles to pull 
> the *.dll files you need from the mingw package and ship them if you are 
> sure your target users don't have them. At least that's what I'm doing.

This of course works with executables
but if you're distributing a .dll things get much worse.

In my experience customers just hate the fact that in addition
to your .dll they also need a bunch of dependency .dlls.
And even if they accept this, they start making all possible
mistakes which eats enormous amount of time.

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