Debugging information in MinGW packages

Erik van Pienbroek erik at
Thu Feb 26 10:23:17 UTC 2009

Op woensdag 25-02-2009 om 13:53 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Daniel P.
> Last time we tried, a cross compiled GDB crashed & burned. So unless someone
> can demonstrate a usuable WINE/Win32 debugger that can use the gcc generated
> debugging info, then we should not build with -g, nor create -debuginfo 
> sub-RPMs.


Instead of gdb, I'm using Dr. MinGW [1]. To be exactly, I'm bundling the
file exchndl.dll along with my applications and LoadLibrary it on

Whenever a crash occurs, an error report is automatically created
containing the complete backtrace. This backtrace is based on the debug
information which is currently in the MinGW compiled packages.

Using such errors reports, users don't have to worry about using gdb,
all they have to do is send these error reports to the developers.

When running my application under Wine, these error reports also get


Erik van Pienbroek


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