[Fedora-spins] Spin SIG meeting agenda

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Mon Feb 16 16:39:11 UTC 2009

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Sebastian Dziallas (sebastian at when.com) said: 
>> The possibility to switch between these two environments is quite an 
>> important point, too. Just imagine a use case, where a teacher wants to 
>> show-case the spin to different target groups: An older student (with 
>> more technical knowledge) can use Sugar, or, if he wants to get to a 
>> "normal" desktop, just fire up Xfce.
> ... that seems a bit of a narrow use case to me, especially for a general
> deployment. All having both desktops says to me is "we don't have our
> story straight."
> I'm assuming it doesn't cause it not to fit.
> Bill

Well, the thing is that we just cannot provide a fitting solution for 
complete deployment. Why? Because every school has it's own needs, for 
which they need to customize that solution.

I'm deploying a modified version in my school, too. But if I tried to 
push that as the official Education Spin, it would never get through.

So what are we doing instead? We're trying to provide a solution, with 
which pupils, students, teachers are able to explore the possibilities 
we can provide them with.

That's our goal. To allow them to see, what's possible. And once they're 
convinced that they want to have this or that solution, they can still 
pull the kickstart file and apply some small modifications on their own. 
And I feel that this is one of the great advantages of the kickstart 

Regarding the size: Sugar itself isn't really that big and we're sharing 
most of the dependencies (sugar-write requires libabiword - in Xfce, 
we're using abiword; sugar-chat requires telepathy, in Xfce, we're using 
empathy; and so on...), so it's just a few MB.


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