Prepaid Czech SIM?

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Tue Jun 17 08:25:18 UTC 2014

Jon Stanley píše v Út 17. 06. 2014 v 00:59 -0400:
> Sort of similar to
> but relevant to this year's location :)
> Are there providers of voice/text/data prepaid SIM's? It seems so, but
> my Czech is non-existent so I couldn't make heads or tails of the
> provider sites or figure out how much it costs (data is separate?
> That's what I'd mostly be using).
> I have an LTE Nexus 5 FWIW, but I'm obviously certain that other
> attendees have other devices (including the dreaded iPhone! :D)
> -Jon
> PS - I bought my flight (not requesting sponsorship). It cost $1,666.
> I've been injured every time I've traveled for Fedora in recent
> memory, including canceling my Flock trip last year. Why does that
> price make me feel something is going to go horribly wrong??? :)
> _______________________________________________

you can find more info here although I don't know how much up-to-date it

Here are offerings of the biggest providers:

Here is a comparison of prepaid cards:
It's in Czech, but you only care about the "Internet na měsíc" column
where you can see how much you pay for data monthly and if you hover the
mouse over the price you'll get a tooltip with conditions (data limit).

The safest way is to go for one of the three biggest providers. I think
they even have stores right at the airport, at least Vodafone does. They
can help you get the service you need and even make sure if works with
your phone. However, they are usually more expensive than other
(virtual) operators whose sim cards you can buy at gas stations, grocery
stores, newsstands,... 


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