Flock bid survey results

Ruth Suehle rsuehle at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 20:31:25 UTC 2014

The voting was pretty close. Nowhere was outright rejected by voters, so
everyone who worked on a bid should be pleased with their work. And I
really appreciate everyone who took the time to write a bid, as it's a lot
better to have four choices than one!

On to the results!

*How likely would it be for you to attend Flock if it were located in each
place?* (would not, not likely, likely, will)

48% of respondents said they would attend if it were in Rochester. For each
of the others 30-31% said they would.

If including "likely to" or "will attend," all of the choices received
67-70% positive responses.

None received an overwhelming number of "will not attend" votes.

*Rank the Flock 2015 bids from your most preferred (1) to least preferred
(4). *
Rochester was chosen as most preferred by 40% of voters. The runner up was
Colorado with 24% putting it as their first choice. When including first
and second choices, Rochester and Colorado are tied as favorite locations,
each with 56%.

For demographics:

47% had never attended a Flock in the past.
38% attended Charleston
38% attended Prague

Only 6% of respondents said they did not intend to attend Flock this year.

64% were from North America
21% EMEA

Because so few respondents indicated they don't plan to attend Flock, when
the survey results are filtered to exclude anyone who said they were not
planning to attend Flock (i.e., the responses only of people who said that
they plan to attend or would like to if they receive a subsidy), the
percentages hold. The patterns are also the same when the results are
limited to NA and EMEA.

This week we'll do a more in-depth cost prediction for Rochester and
Colorado Springs to choose the location (and dates, I hope) for Flock 2015.

Thanks again for all your work on the bids and to everyone who voted!

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