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ਵਿਸ਼ਾ: 	Testing the Release Notes
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I guess I should post the step-by-step gory details for testing the
release notes.  This looks pretty awful but really only takes a few

First, go to

As new translations become available, the 17.0.0 will become 17.0.1,
17.0.2, etc.  The last of those three numbers represents the content
of the RPM which usually changes only because of new translations.  If
the original changes (new strings), the second number will increment.

On that page, click on "fedora-release-notes-17.0.0-1.fc17" after

Click on "download" in:
noarch 	(build logs)
	fedora-release-notes-17.0.0-1.fc17.noarch.rpm (info) (download)

Open with "Software Install".  You will need to provide a password to
install an unsigned package.  (It doesn't get signed until it gets

You should now have a Release Notes menu choice under "Accessories" in
your logged in language.  Clicking on it should take you to the
release notes in your logged in language.  You can see other languages
by logging out and selecting a different language at the bottom of the
screen while logging back in.  the current RPM contains Bulgarian,
English and Ukrainian.  Any other language selection will result in

If all is well, go to the original link, log in, and at the bottom of
the screen, click "Add a comment".  Select "Works for me" and make any
notes you like.  Click the "Add Comment" button.

When you are done, you can revert your system back to the original
release notes by going to a command line as root and typing

   yum downgrade fedora-release-notes

Once three people have done this, the translated release notes will be
staged for the release repository.


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trans at lists.fedoraproject.org

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