l10n qa test feedback

Noriko Mizumoto noriko.mizumoto at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 06:46:33 UTC 2012

Hi fltg team

Here is some feedback:

[anaconda test]
Test matrix says 'this testing is optional as anaconda is not stable
enough for installation testing'. But actually anaconda did work
somewhat thus I was able to install f18 (it was unpleasant experience
though). I am afraid of that this warning can cause testers to walk away
from filling any result. I think, regardless it is stable or unstable, a
test should be performed and the result to be entered. So that a bug is
filed, giving another pressure to the developer to fix. No bug is taken
as 'good' from l10n side. How you think?

[comps test]
If my understanding is correct, comps is part of the installer
(anaconda) and should be tested during installation process. However,
this test entry shows up after 'chkconfig'. Once installation completes,
comps sole test can not be performed. Therefore again, no result has
been filled atm. Next time, it might be better to have anaconda and
comps in one entry, how you think?

There are some packages not available for test and tagged as 'this is
currently not ready to test' in Comments. Other than firstboot, I am not
sure why is that. Has any bug/ticket been filed? If so, could you add
the bug/ticket number, so that tester who has interest can read?


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