Please pull latest translation, re-package and push to koji for L10N QA test

Ani Peter apeter at
Thu Sep 20 08:28:49 UTC 2012

Hi Fedora package maintainers

We would like to introduce ourselves as Fedora Language Testing Group 
(FLTG) [1], an SIG group, formed with the help of few active volunteers 
to take care of the Fedora Languages testing activities like take 
initiative to conduct the Fedora i18n and Translation test days, update 
wiki pages accordingly, prepare and review test cases, get things 
coordinated and organized for the language testers.

We kindly request to pull the latest translations for your package, 
re-package with it and push to koji for L10N QA test [2] by 24th 
September (Monday). We will have a live image to be composed for this 
test on 25th September (Tuesday). The purpose is to test translations 
availability and accuracy in desktop applications. This test covers all 
Fedora packages.

Appreciate your help and cooperation as this is the only chance for 
translators to check the translation quality and also an important event 
for all non-English speaking users.

Thank in advance

Best regards
Ani Peter
Member - Fedora Language Testing Group (FLTG)

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[2] -

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