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Noriko Mizumoto noriko at fedoraproject.org
Mon Apr 15 05:29:57 UTC 2013


Through F19 L10N QA test, I found that more RAM is required for good
performance than F18. Giving 3gb RAM and 2cpu shows me good enough
performance, but it took time for me to notice this eventually. I kept
failing this guessing game many time till I reached correct(?) number.
Also it was not so smooth installation. Once installation completed and
clicked 'Finish' button, it was supposed to reboot automatically and
start firstboot. However it was not. I did manually reboots a couple of
times. Here what I got from my lesson.

1) For next test (F20 and later), could the test page include the
description of the requirement for installation? (e.g. minimum RAM and
CPU requirement)

2) Could we include to test the installation process self? Cz I am not
sure where the problem I encountered can be reported (e.g. fails to auto
reboot), but still this must be important in terms of usability.

What you think?


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