Feedback on i18n test cases

Ani Peter apeter at
Fri Apr 26 09:03:01 UTC 2013

Few suggestions are listed down, which were found during the dry run of 
the i18n test cases:

1. Each time after you do the testing, need to to come back to the test 
day page and then scroll down to go the Result section
Suggestion: Provide the link for result page on each test case page and 
also link each result page to the test case page.
ie. In the "Input (Overall) section, we have two test cases: QA:Testcase 
i18n ibus input and QA:Gnome Input Method Integration IBus.
(i) Provide the link for the result page of Input (Overall) in these two 
test cases' page so that from tester perspective navigating between test 
case and result pages will be easier.
(ii) Also can provide these two test cases' pages link in the 
Input(Overall) result page

2. QA:Testcase ibus input: Found the instructions bit confusing and 
difficult to understand

3. Input (language-specific): Didnt find the command to run the typing 
booster application.


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