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Aman Alam apreet.alam at
Thu Sep 19 13:41:28 UTC 2013

On 19/09/2013 04:49, Ani Peter wrote:
> Dear All,
> Thank you all for the feedback on our discussions on last few days on
> separating the applications project wise, and based on those discussions
> following changes have been made to the test page [1]. Please have a
> look and feel free to provide feedback or make changes as required.

thanks Ani for creating page, updating links (most important part).

> 1. A new page on instructions to file gnome bugs is created [2].

for Gnome, proccess is just reverse for Language teams to file bug. If 
you want to translation bug to be file, then it need to file for 
Translation component (like Malayalam) [1] , not for Package (like 
gnome-shell), so that Translation team can be notified. Later 
translation team fix bug and moved to component. filing for 
'gnome-shell' or other package is not going to help as

> 2. [2] is linked in How to file bugs section [3].

Also I think if wiki is created under Fedora L10N section [2] or FLTG 
[3] section that can be more align to Translation QA process.

> 3. How about giving an instruction to file a bug in each test page. ie,
> in a fedora application like [4] and gnome application like [5].
> These are sample pages and if not required changes can be reverted and
> provide a common instruction under the Fedora applications and Gnome
> applications on the test page [1].

yes, that is good idea. Very helpful for testers.


> Thanking you
> Best regards
> Ani

A S Alam

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