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Ani Peter apeter at
Fri Sep 20 11:13:05 UTC 2013

On വ്യാഴം 19 സെപ്റ്റംബര്‍ 2013 07:11 , Aman Alam wrote:
> On 19/09/2013 04:49, Ani Peter wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Thank you all for the feedback on our discussions on last few days on
>> separating the applications project wise, and based on those discussions
>> following changes have been made to the test page [1]. Please have a
>> look and feel free to provide feedback or make changes as required.
> thanks Ani for creating page, updating links (most important part).
>> 1. A new page on instructions to file gnome bugs is created [2].
> for Gnome, proccess is just reverse for Language teams to file bug. If 
> you want to translation bug to be file, then it need to file for 
> Translation component (like Malayalam) [1] , not for Package (like 
> gnome-shell), so that Translation team can be notified. Later 
> translation team fix bug and moved to component. filing for 
> 'gnome-shell' or other package is not going to help as

Got it Aman. I shall let you all know once the wiki is updated with 
required changes. Please have a look.
>> 2. [2] is linked in How to file bugs section [3].
> Also I think if wiki is created under Fedora L10N section [2] or FLTG 
> [3] section that can be more align to Translation QA process.

Yes this sounds good, shall get this also done...
>> 3. How about giving an instruction to file a bug in each test page. ie,
>> in a fedora application like [4] and gnome application like [5].
>> These are sample pages and if not required changes can be reverted and
>> provide a common instruction under the Fedora applications and Gnome
>> applications on the test page [1].
> yes, that is good idea. Very helpful for testers.

Cooo..l !! Thanks Aman for your valuable suggestions :-)
> Thanks
> Alam
>> Thanking you
>> Best regards
>> Ani
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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