Application Add/remove

Sweta Kothari swkothar at
Fri Sep 27 09:05:15 UTC 2013

On 09/27/2013 02:28 PM, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
> (2013年09月26日 21:16), Sweta Kothari wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Have added & removed packages as aman & ankit suggested, Have updated
>> the test page [1]
>> Noticed that following packages are not yet translated for indic
>> languages:
>> gnome-photos
>> bijiben
>> gnome-weather
>> So above packages are still important for indic?
> FYI, they have been fully translated (100%) for many other languages
> apart from indic. It may be worth to leave them for those languages'
> translators, if the reason of removal is just that the packages are not
> yet translated for indic.

These are the new packages which we have added this time to the gnome 
package list [1] and will be available for testing for all languages.

Sorry for any confusion



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