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Summary: big fonts at 96dpi


------- Additional Comments From bl.bugs at gmail.com  2007-11-04 16:52 EST -------
Mangling with DejaVu Fonts metrics won't be done. It's fairly easy to do it 
yourself if you really want it, but changing it ourselves would make a lot of 
people complain.

It was a design decision made by the people at Bitstream to use more vertical 
space for the letters themselves in Vera. And that's all which it is: a design 
decision. Investigate more fonts and you'll notice that there's a lot of 
variation varying from what you call "huge" to tiny, in the sense that you can 
only read it at 96 dpi when you select font sizes of over 30 points (try some 
calligraphy fonts).

The MS fonts are used a lot, but it's not like they set a default for all 
other fonts to follow. The MS fonts vary themselves anyway. Vera was tailored 
for screen use, so it only makes sense to use as much space available for the 
letters to make it as readable as possible. Making it perhaps "huge" compared 
to some other MS fonts (and that's relative, DejaVu and Arial vary less than 
Times New Roman and Arial do), but this is not an issue which should 
be "fixed" in the fonts in any way.

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