[Bug 381311] Remove /etc/fonts/conf.d/85-wqy-bitmapsong.conf

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Wed Nov 14 09:10:42 UTC 2007

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Summary: Remove /etc/fonts/conf.d/85-wqy-bitmapsong.conf


------- Additional Comments From nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net  2007-11-14 04:10 EST -------
1. Please post your fontconfig ruleset on fedora-fonts-list at redhat.com for review.

2. Due to longstanding fontconfig deficiencies you can not change font settings
just for chinese users, or just for the CJK blocks within your font. That means:
 — your font priority needs to be lower than every other font that ships vector
fonts for non-Chinese characters, or you will stomp on those characters, and
users will complain. 
 — or you need to cull every non-CJK glyph from your font.

Please bug the fontconfig developpers to get fontconfig fixed if that is
inconvenient for you. I hear there are lots of people in China.

3. Another core problem is that some western developers have decided 96dpi is
good enough for screen text rendering and it's easier to force this resolution
than figuring out how to manage font scaling properly. (there is a large group
of them within GNOME). That prevents chinese users from getting higher-dpi
screens or using them in high-dpi mode if they already have them. If this
software limitation was lifted, CJK users could use screens with a sufficient
pixel density to render vector fonts properly without resorting to bitmap hacks.

Please bug the GNOME developpers so they handle high-dpi screens properly and
you can migrate from bitmap fonts mid-term instead of exhausting yourself
pushing a bitmap workaround like you're doing right now. Higher dpi screens have
been economically doable on a mass scale for a long time (and some vendors have
shipped them, and even a low-cost system like the OLPC has a high-dpi screen),
what prevents mass availability is software that refuses to support them.

The fedora fontconfig policy is there:

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