[Bug 381311] Remove /etc/fonts/conf.d/85-wqy-bitmapsong.conf

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Fri Nov 23 19:41:35 UTC 2007

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Summary: Remove /etc/fonts/conf.d/85-wqy-bitmapsong.conf


------- Additional Comments From besfahbo at redhat.com  2007-11-23 14:41 EST -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> I believe that if you provide your "smart" ideas to help improve the rendering
> setting of this font, it will be much better than throwing cold words to your
> peer developers.
> If you are an expert on fontconfig, please advise me how to write a conf file to
> make this font be the default font when rendering Chinese characters (sans,
> serif or mono), while using vector fonts for non-Chinese characters.
> The reason that we raised the priority of this font is because the vector font
> rendering of Chinese is terrible and hard to read, and the embedded bitmaps of
> the default Chinese font, UMing, are neither complete nor optimized
> (wqy-bitmap-fonts is based on those bitmaps and experienced 3 years of manual
> fine-tuning). Because Uming is APL and not compatible with GPL, we are unable to
> merge this to Uming.

You should only append to the generic aliases, never prepend.  Just do that
before Uming gets a chance to do it.  Mail fedora-fonts-list and we can help
you.  In the mean time, please remove that file before more bug reports come in.

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