[Bug 439964] [DejaVu-fonts] Alignment mismatch of dot accents.

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Tue Apr 1 11:17:25 UTC 2008

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Summary: [DejaVu-fonts] Alignment mismatch of dot accents.


------- Additional Comments From bl.bugs at gmail.com  2008-04-01 07:17 EST -------
We need to decide what to do about it. Diaeresis is usually at a different 
height wompared to the single dot above btw, and the latter is usually bigger 
as well. So actually the only thing which is incorrect in the screenshot is 
that the single dot above has different sizes and height.

It just happened because of different people making different glyphs, who had 
different ideas about it. It will get fixed, but needs time to do that 
properly, because you can see that all fonts are affected.

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